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Blog silence


Preparing house for sale.

Husband away.

Sez it all, really. However I promise Chocolate Surprise Muffins tonight.

First fire

The weather has turned in Adelaide. The air is chilly and damp, so we have lit the fire for the first time this year.

The cat is very pleased.


I went into our local Dymocks bookshop to get a copy of The Count of Monte Cristo, which my book group is reading (we decided it was time for a ripping yarn). They had a ‘Buy two Classic Penguins, get a free gift’ special running, so I got a copy of Frankenstein too – thank you Merc, for the spur.

And the freebie? As you would expect, it was an … (over the break)

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Living with the in-laws

We are on holiday this week, in Noosa, with all the in-laws. By ‘all the in-laws’, I mean my husband’s family. About 42 of us have gathered, some from the US, some from Australia, and some from New Zealand. Of the 42 people here, 8 of us are not blood relations.

It’s an odd sensation, being part of a group to which I don’t really belong, except through a relationship I chose nearly 20 years ago now. I am a little on edge all the time, not quite understanding the family connections and nuances, not quite sure what the expected behaviour is, not quite able to work out how to fit in. And given that I self-identify as an introvert, spending hours and hours with other people is wearying in any case. The only time I really relax is in our own unit, with just my own immediate family there. And my husband’s brother, who is a good friend as well as an in-law.

I wonder if this experience is a little bit like being an immigrant. Always a little on edge, never quite understanding what the expected behaviour is (“Ladies a plate”, anyone?), not quite able to just fit in.

This experience is good for me.

First post

This post is just a place holder, until I can get my blog looking the way I want it, and write something worth saying.

I’m hoping to have the blog functioning in a few weeks.

In the meantime, the links under ‘About’ will tell you a little bit about me.