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Sharing the load

Dust. Vacuum. Sweep. Put a load of washing through. Mop. Clean the bath. Clean the shower. Put another load of washing through. Clean the basins. Clean the toilet. Clean the bloody stove. Wash the dishes. Clean the windows. Put another load of washing through. Change the sheets on the beds. Do the supermarket shopping. Cook dinner. Put yet another load of washing through. Do the dishes. Unstack the dishwasher. Supervise the children’s bathtime. Get the children settled into bed. Fold all the washing. Put the clothes away.

All this while making school lunches, taking the children to school, collecting them from school, hearing reading and spelling, helping with homework, or while caring for tiny children and babies. And yes, some days you won’t be vacuuming and sweeping and mopping, but that’s okay, because you can go to the supermarket instead (my mother’s favourite fear is that in her next lfe, she will be reincarnated as a supermarket trolley).
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