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Star the twenty-third

I’m creating a virtual star chart, to record my progress in Dry July. The star for making it through Friday 23 July without touching the demon drink is a fairy bread star, made for my daughters’ ninth birthday party.

Bread coated with 100s and 1000s (also known as non-pareils), cut into a six pointed star. Very easy to do, and always well received.

Our daughters invited 11 other children around for a disco party tonight, to celebrate their ninth birthdays. We served tiny sausage rolls and ricotta and spinach puffs, and chippies, and fairy bread, and home made pizza, followed by…

Frog ponds:

Oranges, halved through the poles and the flesh scooped out, filled with orange jelly, two spearment leaf lollies tucked in at the side, topped with sprinkles of varying colours, and a chocolate Freddo frog. I made the jelly using orange juice, some from a bottle, and some from the scooped-out orange.

Fruit and lolly kebabs:

Kebabs with piece of orange, white marshmallow, piece of pineapple, pineapple lump lolly, another piece of pineapple, pink marshmallow, another piece of orange. As usual, the children pulled the fruit off and ate the sweets.

And meringues. No photo – we ate them.

All followed by birthday cake, which the girls decorated themselves.

Round cakes with chocolate icing, decorated with Smarties, making a “B” on one cake, and a “9” on the other. I used my never-fail yoghurt chocolate cake recipe.

My elder daughter and her friend arranged the music and some games, and compered the evening very successfully. The whole affair was enhanced by a tinsel Shadow vessel swinging from the fan.

(Description: Multi-coloured … thing, suspended from a ceiling fan with a wire, long strands of tinselled wire falling out in a fountain like spray from the centre, strands of shiny stuff underneath, very, very garish.)

I love making party food for the children. It’s an opportunity to be a bit creative, to go for glorious colours and happy shapes, and to simply enjoy food. I’ve cooked for 16 birthday parties now, and enjoyed them all. The children seemed to enjoy the party, but it was very, very loud, even when there was no music playing. Fortunately, it was all over by about 7.45pm.

Right now, I need a drink.

Proper party food

We had a birthday party for my six year old daughters yesterday. I served proper party food – fat, sugar, and food colouring!

To wit:

Cocktail sausages (known by another name in NZ, but it’s trade marked).
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