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The Southern Mule, the Chaser team, and Tony Abbot

A direct hit for Stubborn Mule. The coverage of this election has become farcical, all horse race and no substance. But at least there’s some humour to be had, along with the rather serious point made in this clip.

Judging by the flood of material that’s come through my letterbox, I’d say that the Labor party thinks that it may take my electorate, Sturt, off the sitting Liberal member. So the local race will be interesting.

Mr Strange Land is not an Australian citizen, so he does not have a vote. He has been referring to the household vote… but he should be so lucky! It’s my prerogative, and I’ve made my decisions about how I’m going to exercise it. I’ve worked out how I’m going to rank my preferences for the Senate with the help of this handy website: A How To Website for Australian Voters, and printed out the PDF with my numbers. A friend is coming over to watch the results with us, bringing her elder daughter, who along with our Ms Eleven is barracking for Julia.

If Mr Rabbit wins, I think I’ll go and live in New Zealand.

Real life Second life

I’m still new to blogging, and some things pose a technical challenge for me.

Today’s challenge – a You Tube clip. Take a look at what Second Life would be like in real life.