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My spring garden

In usual fashion, just as my garden is starting to look lovely, we are pulling up our roots, and moving house. The wrench is not too painful this time: I am glad to be heading home. But among the sadnesses of leaving Adelaide is the loss of our garden.

It took me a long time to get into gardening mode here. Gardening is soul restoring, but I have been rather unhappy during my time here, and that unhappiness has made it hard for me to push myself to get started on anything much. But the girls and I got a few things established, and this spring has been a delight, as we have watched a succession of blooms appearing.

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A shout of nasturtiums

Scavenged from down our street this morning.

A jug of yellow and orange nasturtiums

A jug of yellow and orange nasturtiums

While I’m shouting, a big shout out to the lovely Julie Fairey, of The Hand Mirror, who has been elected to the Puketapapa Community Board in local body elections in New Zealand. Congratulations, Julie! They’re lucky to have you.