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Celebrating craft

Reader and commenter Sarah chipped in on the star craft thread, saying that she started crocheting baby rugs when her first set of twins was born. (Think about that for a moment.) I asked her if she would send me some photos, and here they are:

(Click on each thumbnail to get a larger picture)

Sarah writes:

I like crochet best because you can put it down a lot more easily than knitting and it’s much easier to pick up and reattach if a child has tugged on it.

The first is a full sized one I made for my littlest – every so often the kids get jealous that I’m always making them for other babies. It was so boring it almost killed me – especially the sewing of all the tiny squares. I’m more of a one piece person. The stripes are the same yarns that I had bought for other twin but couldn’t face doing that pattern all over again. The pink is my current favourite pattern. I try to find pinks and blues that are slightly different to the traditional. The blue is a nice textural pattern. The yarn is the star in this one – it’s extremely soft and fuzzy.

Knitting! And advice, please?

One pure wool cardigan for Miss Ten.


I am not an accomplished knitter – plain and purl is about my limit. But there’s a fair amount that can be done with such simple stitches, like the diamond pattern on this cardigan, complete with beads in the centre of each diamond. I worked out the diamond pattern myself, and fitted it into the overall pattern for the cardigan. And if you look closely, you will see that each bead is knitted into the garment, not just sewn on later. I found out how to do that by spending a bit of time on teh interweb, where all knowledge may be found, eventually, and stopping into Borders and consulting their craft books on the sly.


As well as not being an accomplished knitter, I am not all that fast. Not because I haven’t got a reasonable technique, but because the entire project can get set to one side for months when my life gets busy with other things. Like going through a traumatic move, and then spending a difficult year settling in. So this cardigan sat in cold storage for over a year, even though the only thing I had left to do was the bands. Alas, during that time some moths managed to get to it (I said some not very polite things when I found the holes), so I had to reknit parts of a couple of panels, but thankfully, not the beaded sections.

Miss Ten is delighted to have it, ready for the cooler weather.

I enjoy doing craft work, especially when it means making something for my girls. I find knitting very soothing, and somehow, if I occupy my hands with knitting, I feel much more able to spend an evening lounging on the sofa and watching TV. Mr Strange Land and I have been rewatching all of Babylon 5 lately, which has had an entirely beneficial effect on getting this cardigan finished.

And onto the next project, a cardigan for the elder Miss Seven, who wanted purple or pink wool. We chose both. She wants a heart pattern, with beads in the point of each heart. I’ve worked out the pattern, and started on the back, but the hearts aren’t showing up very well. See?


Exactly. You can’t see them at all.

Do any knitters reading this have any advice? I’m using a reverse stocking stitch for the background (i.e. purl where I should knit, and vice versa), and right-way-around stocking stitch for the hearts themselves, but I’m wondering whether they would show up better if I used garter stitch for the background. M-H, I’m looking at you!