Comment policy

I managed to blog for nearly three years without needing a comment policy.

Long, thoughtful comments are welcome. Short thoughtful comments are welcome. Long meandering comments are welcome. Tangential comments are welcome. Quirky comments are welcome. Just saying hello is welcome. Link heavy comments are welcome, ‘though they may end up in moderation (temporarily). Self-linking is welcome.

Nasty comments are not welcome.

I disemvowel comments I don’t like. I simply refuse to publish comments I really really don’t like.

I don’t like comments that criticise people’s appearance.

I don’t like comments that are racist, sexist, ablist, ageist, homophobic, just plain nasty.

If I have disemvoweled or refused to publish a comment of yours, I will put your details (screen name and / or e-mail address and / or IP number) in my moderation filter, so that further comments of yours go into moderation automatically. That means that some people may end up in moderation because they happen to share an IP address with someone who has made a comment I don’t like. I’m sorry if that happens to you. If it does, send me an e-mail or contact me on Twitter to get me to release the comment.

Yes, it’s arbitrary. So what? If you don’t like it, may I introduce you to the friendly people at, where you may set up your own blog, and say all you like.

I may modify this from time to time, depending on how arbitrary I feel that day.

One response to “Comment policy

  1. Hi Debroah,
    While your argument did make me think that ANZAC Day maybe religious, I have to disagree with you on the part where only the veterans should walk. Many of my family have fought or been attacked because of war and sadly most of them have passed away. So I walk on ANZAC Day, I don’t support war but this is one of the only ways I can honour my relatives.

    Very convicing argument though.

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