My name is Deborah Russell. At the start of 2008, I shifted from New Zealand to Adelaide, Australia, with my husband and children. After a three year sojourn here, we will be moving home to New Zealand at the end of 2010.


The header on this blog is an extract from the petition presented to the New Zealand Parliament, in 1893, asking for suffrage for women. The petition was granted; on September 19, 1893, all New Zealand women were enfranchised.

The South Australian government passed a bill enfranchising women in December 1894, and it was given the Royal Assent by Queen Victoria on 2 February 1895.


In early 2007, I spent a lot of time hanging about Public Address, and in the midst of a vexed discussion there, wrote this comment, on feminisms. Writing it made me want to have a blog of my own, ‘though for various reasons, it took me some time to get it going.


I also blog at The Hand Mirror, and very occasionally, at Larvatus Prodeo.

Defining myself:Atheist A - the OUT camaign
Amartya Sen on democracy
Finally Feminism 101
Iris Marion Young on Throwing Like a Girl
Butterflies and Wheels
Pharyngula at ScienceBlogs.com
The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Jonathan Rauch on caring for your introvert

Contact me: You can contact me at hotmail, where I use dfr141 as my handle.

All material on this blog is issued under a Creative Commons Attribution license. This means that you may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon my work, even commercially, as long as you credit me for the original creation.

12 responses to “About

  1. How interesting. I did my PhD on citizenship and precarious work and law utilising feminist theory- but I’m sticking to the light and fluffy with my blogging at the moment. I don’t have the time or energy to devote too much time to it. I hear you on the work family thing.

  2. Ouch – another terminally qualified person. Your thesis sounds fascinating – have you written it up, or blogged it? Mine was on multiculturalism, and I have written nothing, other than some book reviews, but I’m hoping to get back into the habit of writing through this blog.

    Work… family… women ‘get’ the problems there, from the inside. As do decent men supporting them – the decision for me to stop working was a joint one for us, made in favour of us, and our children.

    Ka kite ano.

  3. Apart from one conference paper I haven’t published anything from it yet. I’m supposed to be working on that now but have gotten side tracked

    I used to blog about it a bit here:




  4. “Work… family… women ‘get’ the problems there, from the inside. As do decent men supporting them – the decision for me to stop working was a joint one for us, made in favour of us, and our children.”

    This part is of particular interest for me, please keep us up to date on this front.

  5. is that your cat, very cute!

  6. No, it’s just a picture I found. Our cat is just a moggie, with an indistinct profile that wouldn’t work so well as an avatar.

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  8. Hi Deborah,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have bookmarked your blog. I did a Google search on “skinny kids lose teeth later” (hoping to find some information on where this myth came from and if there was any scientific basis whatsoever) and an older page in your blog was in the search results – the one where you talk about the skinny kids in the Coke ad and the time the Tooth Fairy forgot to leave money. No answer to my inquiry of course, but I started reading and was so intrigued that I wanted to find out more about you.

    Here is a little bit about me: I was raised as an atheist and am now an agnostic UU (I would have been equally irritated by the Easter opt out). I am a working mother with one 7 year-old daughter. I am very interested in parenting issues and Attachment Parenting. I consider myself a feminist, but in the past, especially in college, I have been turned off by the male-bashing, man-hating sentiments I have encountered in some feminist groups. (FWIW, in my family the one with the XY chromosome is the one who can multi-task, get the laundry done, get daughter to school on time, keep the house clean, and put dinner on the table. All I can do is write and debug computer programs.) I love writing and the internet, but I don’t maintain my own blog because I am entirely too lazy.

    Oh, and I live in the USA – Iowa to be exact.

    Thank you for the unexpected interesting and thought-provoking reading!


  9. Whilst commemorating ANZAC day and the sacrifice made by sucessive generations (and yes war will continue as long as Man [whoops] peoplekind inhabit the earth) is prevented by your atheist views, you clearly miss the point. No one knows better the horrors and futility of war better than a soldier. No one denies that we enjoy the freedom today provided through their sacrifice. Not taking time with those men and women to remember the horror of war, what our forebears went through and a good dash of “let it not happen again” becuase their may be a religious component to the various ceremonies is at best chrulish and shows that you are a very small person. If you feel as strongly as you appear, then instead of taking the holiday why not give something else back to the community instead of leaving your lard arse in bed, gardening and writing about yourself on the computer.

    You doubting the existence of god has made a believer out of me.

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  11. Hello Deborah,

    It would appear that you did not go onto the correct website. The apology is indeed on line and whilst it would appear you do not believe that it is well intentioned I have received emails galore to the contrary. I would have thought that through errors, education could be gleened. I have actually met some incredibly interesting people as a result of this experience who I may have never met. It has changed my view on many things and it is sad that you cant take it at face value but there is just no pleasing everyone. My website is http://www.hillsandvalley.com.au
    I would appreciate you correcting your post and perhaps apologising to me.


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