Last post

The last post here, that is. I set up this blog just before we moved to Australia, in part to record my experiences in a strange land. But we have come home to New Zealand now, so as part of moving from one strange land, I’m moving from this strange land too. My new blog is: A Bee of a Certain Age, and you will find it at I hope you will come on over there from time to time.

I’ve copied all of IaSL across to my new blog, and when I am feeling in a pottering sort of mood, I will close down posts here, and leave a link to their new home. It may take a year or two for that to happen, or it may not happen at all. We shall see. Whatever, really. I’ve closed down comments here, but all your comments have been preserved for posterity over at A Bee of a Certain Age.

I will put up a linking post here each time I post at the new place for a month or two, until all those who fancy doing so have a chance to update their feed readers.

Thank you!


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