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5 responses to “Pourerere

  1. yeah but if you hadn’t brought your coffee plunger with you, none of the motel rooms would have had any either. It’s just the universe taking the piss.

  2. It’s Plunger’s Law.

  3. lovely spot.

    The antonym for ‘vindicated’ must surely be punished as you have been lugging the damn plunger around nigh on a month!

  4. Welcome home, when we walk a 20 minute beach, we are home 🙂

  5. That really is isolated. I had to google to find out where it is. I love Castlepoint, out of Masterton, but it’s just about suburban compared to Pourerere. I’m sure it was very good for your soul.

    I hope your next month, with all the settling and restarting, isn’t too stressful.