The Little Pond in the Woods

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3 responses to “The Little Pond in the Woods

  1. Now you’ve made me sad too… But I don’t feel it as much as you did, I don’t think. I’d lived nowhere but NZ for nearly 50 years when I moved here, but now I’m not rushing to move back. I’m not sure why, but I’ve definitely made my home here.

  2. I am glad for you that you have a such a well of feeling for your country. I wish I had it for the NW of Queensland where I grew up. Knowing that I had to get out or dry up like the dust meant I had to reject it; even if it hadn’t rejected us all first, with the heat , the dust, the flies and the barreness. A Norwegian friend in my bookclub emailed us on her last trip home saying that it was so beautiful where she was she couldn’t undertand why we didn’t all come to her!

    By the way Tibor Gergely is one of my and my children’s favorite illustrators.

  3. When I started out on my oe I wanted to find a new home. But the only places i liked were the ones that reminded me of home. so I came home.