Can you identify this?

You will be rewarded by the esteem of your peers, if you can identify what this sound is.

Audio description – a scritchy scratching continous grinding burr. I’m sorry about the slight jerkiness of the shot: there’s only so much I can accomplish with my camera.

And my grateful thanks to anyone who can tell me why such a sound is made, because it seems very dangerous to me.


15 responses to “Can you identify this?

  1. me getting up in the morning after a hard night on the town

  2. hobbitses.

    seriously. they’re mean little fkcers in the whilds.

  3. I got nothing except angry mutant cicadas.

  4. My husband and I are going for a Kea… or another bird that likes nesting in hollows.

  5. That sounds very…… interesting, Stef. Yes. Interesting.

  6. I don’t think you’re taking this seriously, Che.

  7. Very good. On the right track, ‘though not there yet.

  8. It’s some sort of very angry critter, but I think it’s an animal. Possibly a baby animal. Don’t you have tiny but ferocious stoats in New Zealand, ripping the throats out of rabbits and so on? (My knowledge of these things is derived entirely from Footrot Flats.)

  9. Because that looks like a riverbank, is it perhaps… a kingfisher?

    (And lo, a little googling, and here’s one making the same noise!)

    Very cool that you stumbled across a nest.

  10. Raymond A Francis

    Yes, my bet is a Kingfisher
    I am sure you will have see the parents flying about with their very distinctive call
    Related to Kookaburras, note the similarity of beaks

  11. Jolisa wins! And Raymond gets an honourable mention. I was fairly sure that someone from a rural area would know.

    The nest is on my parents’ conservation block. There’s a bank there that has several old nests in it, and this one. The kingfishers reared a clutch of chicks there last year too. Mum thinks this may be their second brood this year.

  12. Yay, esteem of my peers! And yay baby kingfishers. Halcyon days.

  13. Wow! I had no idea. Your readers are so clever. Except me, obvs.

  14. And there was I thinking someone had buried a grizzling baby.

    /runs away.