In transit

We are on the move! My internet access will be sporadic at best over the next few weeks, probably until towards the end of January.

Nine sleeps to go…


7 responses to “In transit

  1. Best wishes for your relocation. I suspect there maybe a feminist roadtrip at some point next year!

  2. we would love to see you Stef on your road trip, Yay not long to go till the big move, looking forward to meeting you in real life sometime next year

  3. Oh good luck. May your valubles and personals arrive safely with you. In one of our many moves
    all my mothers underwear dissappeared! Hoping no such calamities for you!

  4. I’m very excited for you.

  5. Happy travels! I hope the move goes well!

  6. Happy moving and happy holiday season. I hope it all goes well for you.

  7. Good luck with the relocation, Deborah. These things are never easy on the nerves. I have moved once myself in the week before Christmas, and as if the move was not harrowing enough, we discovered there were possums living in the walls and ceiling of the new house, and all services were closed over the holiday season.
    But you are made of stern stuff, and the thought of a family Christmas in your new surroundings will see you through!