La plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

IN the Catholic church, it seems that it has long been a sin to expose evil doing by priests.

MacKillop exposed paedophile priest

MARY MacKILLOP was excommunicated from the Catholic Church partly as revenge for helping to expose the paedophilia of a South Australian priest, a new documentary about the life of the controversial sister claims.

It brings to mind the horrid story from March last year, when a nine year old child was raped and became pregnant. Her mother and a doctor arranged an abortion. The Catholic church excommunicated the mother and the doctor, but not the rapist.

It seems that it’s always right to cover up evil in the Catholic church.


3 responses to “La plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

  1. If there was a god/goddess I hope there is a special place for pricks like those so called priests
    Unfortunatly, well let’s not go there, we just have to keep the bright light of the public eye on these creeps

  2. This makes me a little more impressed with Mary McKillop though – seems she wasn’t too bad if she was willing to be excommunicated to protect others.

  3. I suppose you could say its a terrific example of loyalty and people looking after their peers….