I think I’m impressed by what he said

I saw something in the paper yesterday and thought that I must blog it but in the upheaval of tradies and school and work and organising a sale and a move, I threw the paper into the recycling and one of those exciting experiences when you have to go through the recyling to find the thing you want…. May I give you some gratuitous advice? Think very carefully before moving house.

Back on topic, the Brownlow Medal ceremony was held on Monday night. It’s the night when the Aussies Rules players are honoured for playing AFL. It’s a big deal for the players. And for the WAGS. I find that such a horrid term: the Wives and Girlfriends, appendages of the men, reduced to a mere acronym, and one that sounds derogatory at that. In recent years, each player has arrived accompanied by his partner, and they have sashayed down the blue carpet, with the woman’s dress being assessed, a la the red carpet at the Oscars. So not only are they WAGS, but the only thing that matters about them is what they wear.

But not everyone wants to play this silly game (that would be the WAGS / appearance / blue carpet game, not AFL).

But some football players are not a fan of the Brownlow fashion parade. Collingwood’s Harry O’Brien lashed out at the media when asked what his partner, Video Hits presenter Faustina “Fuzzy” Agolley, would be wearing. “There’s so much emphasis in our society on materialistic things. Women have so many issues with their body shape and have all these external things that they think will make them complete,” he said. “There is certain media that adds to the general feeling, the psyche of women in terms of that whole materialistic nature.”

From All eyes on the Brownlow’s blue carpet on AFL big night

I’m not quite sure what he meant to say, but I think I’m impressed by it. I think he was trying to say that the whole focus on appearance is ridiculous, and harmful.

Onya, mate.


5 responses to “I think I’m impressed by what he said

  1. Moving house sucks, one hundred percent, but thanks for finding the energy to go through the recycling to (re)find that.

  2. I gotta say I was really underwhelmed by Liz Ellis’s involvement too. I admire her – she’s smart, articulate and tough-as-nails. On several occasions on various show, I’ve thought she was a really insightful commentator, capable of real comedy and smarts. Is she a fashionista too? If not, why was she asking the various women attending the event “who” are you wearing?

  3. Every so often sports players surprise me in a good way.

  4. I think I’m impressed too.