Blog silence


Preparing house for sale.

Husband away.

Sez it all, really. However I promise Chocolate Surprise Muffins tonight.


7 responses to “Blog silence

  1. You don’t need to prepare the house for sale, it’s lovely exactly as it is. I’d make you an offer myself if I had any money, especially if you agreed to throw in the children.

  2. I’ll be right over for one of those muffins. On my way to the airport now. Hope you have a plan for brekkie too: I have my jarmies.

    Sad to be selling your lovely kitchen…

  3. You’re very kind. But the children? Not a hope / hell freezing over / yadda yadda yadda. Though actually, I would trust you with them.

  4. My kitchen… yes, it’s a bit of a wrench. As are various other things in Adelaide. The kitchen I can replace, but most other things are very much tied to Adelaide, and I shall regret them enormously. Especially some people. Also my singing teacher and a friend I sing with. Also the lovely accomplished altogether admirable woman who has found work for me in the last couple of years, in my discipline. Also some other New Zealanders who have moved here just this year. Also a lovely friend I have made here. Also… the list is quite long, which is surely a good thing.

  5. It’s probably not much consolation, but I as am in PN at least once a year, I am happy that we will be able to see each other more often than we can now.

  6. It’s a joy in itself, rather than a mere consolation.