Father’s Day in our house

The girls made breakfast in bed for their daddy.

Scrambled eggs on marmite toast, spciy apple cake, oj, all nicely presented on a tray.

Scrambled eggs on marmite toast, spicy apple cake with a drizzle of cream, and orange juice. The cake was left over from last night’s dessert. The usual rule in our house is that she who gets up first may eat any left over dessert for breakfast: the girls’ devotion to their father is shown by their making sure that there was enough left for him to have some too.

I made the coffee.

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8 responses to “Father’s Day in our house

  1. We had scrambled eggs too – I am not very good at breakfast making…

  2. Nice!
    The dad in our house is far, far away in eastern Washington State, working on – of all things – the residents’ awareness of earthquake hazards..

  3. Every year you post the father’s day brekkie I’m impressed by the girls’ presentation of their breakfast!

  4. Your girls are so darling. What a lucky Daddy.

  5. lucky bugger.

    i made my on breakfast, then spent half the day caring for chef du plunge.

  6. It only took about 11 years to get to this stage, Che. Last year I assisted with the breakfast preparations: this year they did it all on their own. Ms Eleven would have made the coffee too, but I was desperate.

  7. hmmm… the bacon in the freezer might not last that long.

  8. The first up gets dessert for breakfast rule is fantastic. I might even have kids just so I can have this rule. (It would be pointless in our house at the moment because ManFriend doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, so dessert breakfast is mine anyway. That is, if I don’t eat all the dessert the night before…)