Adventures in parenting #327

Today, the girls walked themselves home from school, let themselves in, and got themselves some afternoon tea. I did not get home until 4.40pm.

The sky did not fall.


13 responses to “Adventures in parenting #327

  1. Congratulations! That’s what I call successful parenting.

  2. This first time this ‘issue’ came up – I had given First Born Son (8) the key,
    discussed the possibility that I would be late home from a WEA class with FBS and Darling Daughter (6). There was actually very little chance that I would actually BE late (unless there was a problem on the Bankstown line) but this was a ‘test run’. And we lived in a cosy little cul de sac with at least three households they could go to if worried.

    So I was on home ground well before the school bus was due, parked up safely out of sight of the bus route, and waited a careful 15 minutes before ‘arriving’ home – with much praise and admiration for their good sense.
    This was really not as scary as the first time I had to let FBS enter a Gents toilet on his own – for that moment I chose the Gents in David Jones. THAT was scary.

    Gae, in Callala Bay

  3. Well done. There will be lots more of it. πŸ™‚

  4. What did the Misses say about it?

  5. “Oh, hi Mum.”

    /straight back to computer game

  6. ha! I loved it when my parents left me to my own devices…

  7. Isn’t it great! Now I am nervous again b/c they’re starting to cook for themselves, and will even start dinner. But that brings its own potential pitfalls. Luckily we have smoke alarms out the wazoo.

  8. Well done. I love seeing other parents with this attitude – and yes, it’s often a bit nerve-wracking to do these things at first, and a relief when it all goes as well as you were 99% sure it would.

  9. One of the truisms children’s authors discuss- before anything much can happen, you have to get rid of the parents πŸ™‚

  10. Is that legal? I loved being a latch-key kid, but I thought you couldn’t leave kids (under 14) unsupervised. Or is it different in Aus?

  11. A significant milestone indeed. My eldest is too young to take this on – five – but I do look forward to the time when she might come home with a friend as it’s not far and involves only one major road.

  12. It’s not a strict “you must not leave kids unsupervised” in NZ. There are reasonableness conditions.

    Section 10B of the Summary Offences Act
    Every person is liable to a fine not exceeding $2,000 who, being a parent or guardian or a person for the time being having the care of a child under the age of 14 years, leaves that child, without making reasonable provision for the supervision and care of the child, for a time that is unreasonable or under conditions that are unreasonable having regard to all the circumstances.

  13. My girls have one major road to cross, but it has a controlled crossing. I’ve had to teach them to be sure that the traffic is actually stopping: it’s one of those sets of lights that can be hard to perceive, and some drivers go through the red.