The Southern Mule, the Chaser team, and Tony Abbot

A direct hit for Stubborn Mule. The coverage of this election has become farcical, all horse race and no substance. But at least there’s some humour to be had, along with the rather serious point made in this clip.

Judging by the flood of material that’s come through my letterbox, I’d say that the Labor party thinks that it may take my electorate, Sturt, off the sitting Liberal member. So the local race will be interesting.

Mr Strange Land is not an Australian citizen, so he does not have a vote. He has been referring to the household vote… but he should be so lucky! It’s my prerogative, and I’ve made my decisions about how I’m going to exercise it. I’ve worked out how I’m going to rank my preferences for the Senate with the help of this handy website: A How To Website for Australian Voters, and printed out the PDF with my numbers. A friend is coming over to watch the results with us, bringing her elder daughter, who along with our Ms Eleven is barracking for Julia.

If Mr Rabbit wins, I think I’ll go and live in New Zealand.


8 responses to “The Southern Mule, the Chaser team, and Tony Abbot

  1. Can I come too? I’m going over this week; maybe I won’t come back.

  2. You’ll go and live in NZ anyway. I’m a bit glad I can’t vote (although I am also going for the ‘household vote’ via Ray who I’m sure flagrantly ignores all my opinions) I’m pretty bored and underwhelmed by the whole election thing.

  3. Of course, The Chaser can’t tell the difference between gross debt and net debt. Mr Rabbit’s net position is positive, unlike the government’s which is negative. But that’s the media for you …

    Lucky the sensible people are in charge. 🙂

  4. Vibenna: Net Government debt only deducts financial assets not real assets. If you took into account the Government’s biggest asset, namely the fact that it is the monopoly issuer of the currency, the difference between the Government and a householder like Tony is even more stark!

  5. Don’t forget Mr Rabbit’s super ! And we include his real assets because that is what his debt is secured against.

  6. I’m happy for you to include Abbott’s real assets, as long as the comparisons are like for like and you include the Government’s real assets too. When the coalition bangs on about Government debt, they very often quote gross debt figures, which is not a very meaningful figure. Somewhat better is to look at net financial position: financial liabilities less financial assets. This is what is done in the chart the Chaser borrowed from the Stubborn Mule. In this comparison, if you were looking at Abbott’s net position you should include his super but not his property. A further step would be to look at real assets as well, including Abbott’s property but also in the case of the Government including all of its real assets (Commonwealth land, public infrastructure, etc.). By the time you look at this sort of measure, I would suggest that both Tony and the Government would be well in the black. I suspect that would not be the case for many householders!

  7. I didn’t realize at first that you were the source of the chart Sean. It is certainly spiffy and it was a great segment on the Chaser. I think the main thing is – if the Chaser have $20 going, can I have it?

  8. All yours! Also, you can now see where the “Stubborn” came in “Stubborn Mule”.