Sharing the love

Some posts I’ve happened across in the last few days that you might enjoy.

The Davy household has its AGM: Minutes of the Triennial Congress of All-Davy Deputies. Perhaps Mrs Davy could let me know exactly which yummy chardonnay she was drinking?

A beautiful sunset from Sophie at 2 B Sophora: another evening on a different farm. Sophie is a farmworker and sharemilker, and of late, she has been on the move, looking for another farm job. This photo was taken at her new place.

A beautiful poem from merc. For some reason, this one spoke to me, and made me cry, I guess because it made me think of the great love between merc and his beloved partner who died nearly two years ago now. “Vast” at Love is a Symbol.

HarvestBird continues to think and feel and feed her way into motherhood: Baby the bittersweet.

Adelaide from Adelaide remarks the beginning of Ramadan: Ramadan kareem, and stargazer who is fasting has started a series of posts for the month, reflecting on the good, and privileged, aspects of her life. Her first post is about the privilege of education, and her second about her experiences of childbirth. I’m looking forward to reading her series, ‘though as she says, as the month goes on, she may not be able to find the energy to write each night.

Jaysus, Mary Joseph and all the saints: thank goodness SkepticLawyer is a martial artist: And I broke a bloody fingernail.

At The Atavism, David Winter writes a fascinating story about the first New Zealanders and their rats.

And Paul of The Fundy Post trains his debunking cannons on god saving the King’s boy who fell from a balcony.


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