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Something to read, but it will make you cry, and it may be triggering for some people. It’s about ‘stolen’ brides in Chechnya.

The stolen brides turned into Stepford wives

The patient was lying blindfolded on her back, wearing a long flowery robe. Mr Yusupov began yelling verses from the Koran into her ear and beating her with a short stick. “She feels no pain”, he said. “We beat the genie and not the patient.”

The woman, probably in her early 20s, was writhing on the bed : “Shut up! Leave me alone!” she growled. Mr Yusupov claimed this strange voice belonged to the genie possessing her. He shouted back: “Take your claws out of this woman. Aren’t you ashamed? Go on! Leave her body like you did last time, through her toe.”

With a deadpan expression, Mr Yusupov explained that the genie inside the girl was 340 years old. He was not a Muslim – he was a Russian man called Andrei and he had fallen in love with his victim. The genie was so jealous that he made her leave her husband. This was already the seventh time he’d treated this patient.

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  1. that’s depressing but completely believable. I read somewhere that in China women were being kidnapped and forced into marriage to single men. And sometimes they were killed first, because they were being married to dead men whose families wanted their sons to have a happier afterlife.