The Twenty-Seventh Down Under Feminists Carnival

Kia ora! Welcome to the twenty-seventh edition of the Down Under Feminists Carnival.

First of all, a huge thank you to Lauredhel, who set the Down Under Feminists Carnival up, and co-ordinated it, and kept it going from strength to strength for over two years. It’s a wonderful carnival, and that’s because of the commitment that Lauredhel made to it.

Lauredhel has passed the carnival on to Chally, of Zero at the Bone and FWD/Forward and Radical Readers and Feministe. You’re a champion, Chally! Thank you.

Some introductions. Welcome to the down under feminist blogosphere, Steph of LadyNews, and Sophie of In the Gateaux. Steph and Sophie have both started blogging this month, and some of their posts are in the carnival. If there are other new feminist bloggers or old bloggers who have started up new feminist blogs this month, leave a comment introducing yourself, and I’ll add you to this section of the carnival.

On with the show.

The Australian election, or, “Oh noes… a childless atheist unmarried woman is Prime Minister!”

Miz Lippy takes on the doctors’ wives trope: Doctor’s Wives: An annoying, sexist, supposedly demographic label.

I’m enjoying Pavlov’s Cat’s posts on the election. She points out that Julia Gillard did not stab Kevin Rudd in the back: “if she stabbed him at all, she stabbed him in the chest”. She’s annoyed by commentators harping on gender issues (the title of this post says it all, so click through and take a look), and she reminds the Liberal Party that if they’re trying to sell Tony Abbott, then:

enlisting the aid of the aggressive, amoral, antifeminist dick-wavers in their 20s who tend to abound in PR and advertising is probably not a fabulously good way to go about it.

News with Nipples notices that the pollies only seem to notice “hardworking Australian families with children”: she points out that she doesn’t have children, and she votes. Feminist mother Blue Milk is over the working families trope too: she is not interested in burning through the goodwill of people without children.

I watched the leaders’ debate, and picked up the sly digs: What Tony said and what I heard.

Julia Gillard, hair greyed, wrinkles and lines added to her face

Julia Gillard, hair greyed, wrinkles and lines added to her face

News with Nipples is astounded by the aging of Julia Gillard: she argues that “The Daily Telegraph wouldn’t have done this if Julia Gillard was a bloke.”

Even commentators across the Tasman got in on the act, trotting out all the tired tropes they used when Helen Clark was PM. Steph at LadyNews sorts out some of the issues for Deborah Hill Cone: Oh, Deborah. Let’s have a chat. And she is oh so over the ‘deliberately barren’ slur.

Blue Milk has a moment of sympathy for Julia Gillard when she is required to perform the baby-kissing routine.

At Hoyden about Town, Mary puts in the hard yards analysing The Coalition’s parental leave policy.


Early in the month, news came out in New Zealand that Labour MP Steve Chadwick has proposed reforming abortion law. Julie put together an initial round-up of pro-choice blogging. Rather than listing all the posts again, why don’t you head on other there and make with the clicky: Pro-choice blogging round-up. If you were to pick just two posts from the round-up to read, then I recommend the Queen of Thorns’ take-down of Chris Trotter’s column in which he said that of course he supports abortion rights but now is not the time because it wouldn’t be good for the left and Sandra of Letters from Wetville on Grace and Agency.

Garth George used his newspaper column for the usual misogyny: honestly, I think he just writes by the numbers. The excellent James at Editing teh Herald deconstructed it: Party on, Garth. Thank you, James, for stepping up to the plate on this one.

Maia points out that reforming abortion law will be a long hard fight, but she heartened because so many people want to get involved and make it happen: Keep on walking forward.

Rape and assault

Rugby union commentator and big man about the place Andy Haden opined, a couple of times, very publicly, that women who got themselves raped by All Blacks were asking for it. Julie at The Hand Mirror has the details on what Haden said, and why it is a monumental fail. Jan Logie wrote to Dear Mr and Mrs Haden. Jan gets a BINGO in the comments. Steph at LadyNews groans over the victim-blaming, but takes heart from some of the comments left on an MSM article. Julie at The Hand Mirror reminds Garth George that No one asks to be raped.

Pickled Think (fabulous name!) writes about alleged this and alleged that in
There, I Fixed It For You: Alleged Is The New Black Edition

ScubaNurse sorts out some Victim Blaming 101 by an NZ police officer: Missing woman “opens herself up”. Police officer “opens themselves up” to my wrath.

The conversation about rape apology is on-going. Check out this sentence, reported by Jo Tamar at Wallaby. News with Nipples is not amused by the nudge nudge wink wink about Lindsay Lohan being jailed: Because rape’s funny, right?.

At Hoyden about Town, Mindy is appalled by the “edgy” violence in some luggage labels.

And Pavlov’s Cat writes about what’s likely to happen when you point out to an angry and aggressive man that he is being angry and aggressive.


Header of hospital breastfeeding record form

Header of hospital breastfeeding record form

New mother, poet, and profound thinker Harvest Bird reflects on breastfeeding in Natural Women.

I write all this as someone who is thinking as well as feeding my way into motherhood…

At The Hand Mirror, Julie talks about what pregnancy feels like, for her, in Nine and a bit months.

Blue Milk writes about Why attachment parenting needs feminism.

leave the blanket statements prescribing exactly how mothers should parent behind. Attachment parenting needs feminism because without feminism women’s lives have a tendency to be decontextualised and devalued, and that isn’t good for mothering.

Pissweak Parent (she is not!) has been reading Stones into schools, which is about promoting peace through giving people, especially children, and most especially girl children, access to education.

Yet again there’s a conversation in the feminist blogosphere about child free spaces: Blue Milk has the details AND she’s taking her children to a bar. Lauredhel is delighted by the children who were in the public space when her scooter packed it in.


Riffing off a column at Salon, Sophie at In the Gateaux writes about weddings:

Weddings are super fun. I love going to them. I’ve had great fun at the last few I’ve went to. But they’re not The Most Important Thing Women Will Do In Her Entire Life.


Stef talks about her waistline and herself:

What I need is a pro-active approach towards my own health, both the physical as well as the mental.

Spilt Milk reminds us that body positivity is For Every Body, and at Fat Lot of Good, Bri urges us to get over the good fatty / bad fatty dichotomy.

Pickled Think thinks very carefully about the OMG obese woman who killed her babies. Perhaps there’s an untold story: There, I fixed it for you: Oh the huge manatee edition.

Writing at Feministe, Chally thinks about women and men and taking up space .


A fantastic post from Chally and Xands: Your guide to intersectionality and raptors. I seriously recommend this one: there’s an excellent discussion about claiming feminism.

Steph at 天高皇企鹅远 talks about the pressure to be whiter and lighter and to be tanned.


Pickled Think thinks about whether women reporters are hired for looks or for reporting skills: There, I fixed it for you: Hawt Girly Reporterz Edition.

In a meta moment, A Shiny New Coin analyses The Gruen Transfer’s analysis of a Lynx ad. Her conclusion:

There’s one word to describe the advertising industry’s absolute disdain for women: brutal.

Rachel at Musings of an Inappropriate Woman reflects on insiders and outsiders and rituals in feminist blogging:

I find the righteous indignation that categorises portions of the popular femmesphere, whether online or in print, intellectually lazy. Not to mention boring. I’ve little interest in reading about why X sucks or why Y is a douchebag. I want to read articles that challenge my preconceptions about the world, that tell me something I don’t already know – something “OMG, this sucks!!!” feminism rarely does.


Chally reviewed Deadly, Unna by Phillip Gwynne, which may or may not help kids to reflect on race and gender, depending on who they identify with in the novel. Self-proclaimed cultural wanker Godard’s Letterboxes analyses the Jamie Oliver phenomenon:

It is this fascination with the grotesque, this superiority of the better educated, that I think underpins aspects of spectatorship of these programs.

Writing at Something More than Sides, Pharoah Katt pays tribute to the creators of Batwoman: Women in Comics: Getting It Right – Batwoman: Elegy.

Chally reviews Wicked – the book, not the musical.


Ned Davy recounts a holiday experience, and notices who is doing the work: Salt Pretensions.

Blue Milk thinks about having straight male friends: is it as hard as it looks?

Great Women

Painting of a Chinese woman, in long flowing robes, elaborate headdress, holding her arms out

Painting of a Chinese woman, in long flowing robes, elaborate headdress, holding her arms out

Steph at 天高皇企鹅远 writes about some awesome Chinese ladies, and some awesome ladies and non-white dudes in science fiction and fantasy.

Penguin Unearthed writes about her granny:

So that’s the memory I’ll take of Granny, her life lesson to me – never stop wondering, always keep learning – you’ll enjoy life more.

Oh, good grief

Steph at LadyNews has a chat about the Otago University Students’ Association MANDAY, and as a special bonus, gets a BINGO in the comments. Megan experiences implied anger at the idea of implied consent, but only momentarily, because “Oh wait. My anger is not implied. My anger is completely explicit.”

Clean cut young man, wearing a suit, holding a mop and staring meaningfully into where its eyes would be

Clean cut young man, wearing a suit, holding a mop and staring meaningfully into where its eyes would be

Helen at Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony has masses of sympathy for all the poor dudes who have to do some housework.

NZ’s Family First man clutches his pearls over schoolkids being given condoms before their ball: Bogannette has a little chat with him in Let’s talk about sex, Bob.

Mindy at Hoyden about Town points out that the Vatican might just be making a mistake when it says that ordaining women and paedophilia are equally evil.


Many thanks to people who submitted posts, and in particular to Chally, Boganette, Pharoahkatt and News with Nipples, who kept an eye on blogs about the place and submitted lots of posts. Your support has been tremendous.

The next carnival will be hosted by caitlinate at The Dawn Chorus. Send your posts in via the carnival submission form, or direct to caitlin [dot] ate [at] gmail [dot] com.

Ka kite ano.


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