Daily Archives: Sunday 1 August 2010

Star the thirty-first

I’m creating a virtual star chart, to record my progress in Dry July. The star for making it through Saturday 31 July without touching the demon drink is a fallen star.*

(Description: large rock, pockmarked)

This is about half of the Mundrabilla meteorite, which is thought to have fallen about a million years ago. It landed in Western Australia, and although bits of it were discovered in 1911, the major mass was found in 1966 (coincidentally, the year of my birth). About 17 tonnes of rock fell to earth, split into two chunks. This is half of the smaller chunk – about 2,500 kilos. It’s an iron meteorite, and the pocks in it were formed by the softer rocks and ores weathering away in the million years when it lay in the desert.

As I did on Friday, you can walk into the foyer of the South Australian museum, and touch this meteorite: run your hands over it, poke your fingers into the holes, see the shiny bits of metal in the rock. It’s a marvellous feeling – to be able to connect physically with something from beyond this world.

More details about the meteorite, and a photo of it where it was found: Meteorite Odds and Ends: Mundrabilla Meteorite

My star chart is complete now. I made it!

*This signifies nothing. I still haven’t touched the demon drink, even though July has been over for nine hours now.