Celebrating craft

Reader and commenter Sarah chipped in on the star craft thread, saying that she started crocheting baby rugs when her first set of twins was born. (Think about that for a moment.) I asked her if she would send me some photos, and here they are:

(Click on each thumbnail to get a larger picture)

Sarah writes:

I like crochet best because you can put it down a lot more easily than knitting and it’s much easier to pick up and reattach if a child has tugged on it.

The first is a full sized one I made for my littlest – every so often the kids get jealous that I’m always making them for other babies. It was so boring it almost killed me – especially the sewing of all the tiny squares. I’m more of a one piece person. The stripes are the same yarns that I had bought for other twin but couldn’t face doing that pattern all over again. The pink is my current favourite pattern. I try to find pinks and blues that are slightly different to the traditional. The blue is a nice textural pattern. The yarn is the star in this one – it’s extremely soft and fuzzy.


2 responses to “Celebrating craft

  1. That first one is gorgeous but I can so see why it would have got rather tedious! I love the colours in the striped one.

  2. Why thank you very much, and thank you Ms Strangeland for allowing me to brag on your blog!