Star the eighth

I’m creating a virtual star chart, to record my progress in Dry July. The star for making it through Thursday 8 July without touching the demon drink is my horoscope for the day.

Source: WikiMedia Commons

(Description: Capricorn symbol)

One from

You seem to be a magnet for folks who just want to yak it up and not really engage with you — there’s no escape! The good news is that it shouldn’t get painful until just about quitting time.

Another from – Your Daily Horoscope:

Certain friends will be challenging who you are and what you stand for today. This is just a passing phase so don’t let it get to you. There is an element of manipulation in this process so you have to remain conscious and understand other people’s games today. Be straight forward in your speech and actions to gain the upper hand.

A third from

You are a great doer–accomplished. Opportunities come up today that will allow you to express your outgoing nature. You have extremely skillful ways of handling difficulties. You are a natural for working with or for the public. You would make an excellent public relations manager or customer relations worker with a large company. Your career is never a problem–for you have the kind of drive that most people can only wish they had. Everything is working out well for you. You love to work with young people and may consider working with children as a teacher, coach or in some volunteer position. You appreciate a heart-felt approach and are an enthusiast if there ever was one. You encourage emotions, feelings and creativity from all.*

Timeless words of wisdom, I’m sure. Now that the day is done, I can tell you that although I saw a good friend today, she didn’t challenge me and what I stand for. Nothing was particularly painful today, not even getting through the witching hour without pouring a glass of wine,** ‘though I could have done without some of the school holiday exuberance. No one engaged me in pointless or unwanted conversation, no one played manipulative games with me. And given that I am, for the most part, an introvert, I’m not surprised that no opportunities arose today that allowed me to express my outgoing nature.

I guess the stars don’t predict my fate after all. How very disappointing.

*The last three sentences of this one made me laugh out loud.
**This Dry July thing is getting easier by the day. So far.


2 responses to “Star the eighth

  1. This star chart of yours is very creative.

  2. Hmmm… I don’t usually think of myself as being very creative. This comment has been in my mind all day, and I’m starting to think that perhaps I misunderestimate myself.