Star the fifth

I’m creating a virtual star chart, to record my progress in Dry July. The star for making it through Monday 5 July without touching the demon drink is Star Trek.

I love Star Trek. Mr Strange Land loves Star Trek. We only found this out about each other after we got married. We hadn’t exactly tried to keep it secret, but it was one of those things we just hadn’t gotten around to discussing. I’m not sure what that shows about us.

My mother loves Star Trek, but my father does not. However he keeps Mum company while she watches it, and helps out by making a swishing sound when any doors open and close.

Some of our closest friends also love Star Trek. These are people who got engaged the same weekend we did, married the same year, had their eldest child, a daughter, just a few weeks after our eldest daughter arrived. One weekend, pre-babies, we got out all five Star Trek movies to date, watched them in close succession, and then went to see Star Trek VI the next day. We were the only people in the theatre who laughed when the Kobayashi Maru was mentioned.

Of all the captains, I liked Jean-Luc Picard the best. This is because Patrick Stewart has such a beautiful voice that he could make the telephone book sound interesting.

We think that it’s probably time to introduce the Strangelings to the joys of Star Trek. The original series, of course.


6 responses to “Star the fifth

  1. Did you know that it is now possible to buy original series uniform onesies for babies? I have had to physically restrain myself.

  2. Thankyou for this series (and the good you’re doing by going dry).

    I’m enjoying the posts and wonder if the task of coming up with 31 stars will be at least as difficult as staying dry.

  3. Hooray for vintage Star Trek.

  4. I think you should have done it. Now. While he is little and can’t object.

  5. I’m sure I’ll be repeating some types sooner or later. I’m hoping that I will continue to be struck by inspiration.

  6. Your dad making swishing sounds when the doors open – what a dag!
    I loved the first series best too, though even then I was put out by all that womanising Kirk was doing…