Justice is only for white people

Justice is only for white people. That’s the only conclusion that can be drawn from this horrid story.

No charges in WA prison van death case

H/T: Lauredhel, on Twitter

Last year, an elderly Aboriginal man was being transported to Kalgoorlie to stand trial. The air conditioning in the van he was in was not working. The men woman and man driving the van did not stop to check on his well-being, at all. He died.

And now, neither they nor their managers are being held to account. No charges will be laid, at all. Not even manslaughter charges.

It’s hardly an isolated incident. Read the analysis at Overland of the judgement in which five white men got lighter sentences when they beat an aboriginal man to death, because they were men with white skins of good character. Top blokes, totally out of character: when five white men beat an Aboriginal man to death

And back in New Zealand, remember when a white man got a lighter sentence for killing a brown boy. I’m hearing white privilege all over this. Bruce Emery, who stabbed and killed a 15 year old brown boy, was said to be “an upstanding member of the public…”

Yet again, being white is the ultimate get out of jail free card. And that is awful.

[Edited to correct “men” to “woman and man”. Thanks for letting me know, Lauredhel.]


10 responses to “Justice is only for white people

  1. Yes, I heard this on the car radio a little while ago. Unbelievable. Worse than Palm Island, IMHO.

  2. being white and male is the ultimate get out of free jail card….

  3. This is just terrible.
    From memory, the harrowing Four Corners investigation of this also reported on alarming conditions for asylum seekers being transported to detention centres in remote, hot places. Sickening.

  4. That no one person could be found culpable of a criminal act was the ultimate cop-out.

  5. @ Pavlov’s Cat No – actually, it’s the same as Palm Island – not worse.

  6. being white and male is the ultimate get out of free jail card….

    Not quite.

    That’s being white and male and middle or upper-class. (Poor white people are sentenced better than brown, but they’re not good, upstanding people.) And of course, sporting “heroes” and television “personalities”. They all play trumps.

  7. welcome the reason i came home to new zealand.

    aussies are generally an embarrassment.

    i know some of your readers are australian, and will eschew responsibility for the type of actions of these blokes. but… sorry. you’re all to blame.

    until justice is finally delivered to aboriginal people, every, single one of you is to blame for every one of these deaths.

    don’t like what i’m saying? do something about your disgrace of a country.

  8. Ouch! If push comes to shove, I’d argue that NZ does better in this respect than Australia does, but it’s still by no means good, at all. Even so, I guarantee that the Australians reading and commenting here are upset and angry about these events, and they’re agitating and voting for change. Including me, given that I hold Australian citizenship.

  9. this has nothing to do with cross-tasman one-upmanship.

    when i lived in aus i saw time and time again the mainstream ignore and override the rights of aboriginal people. meanwhile, mainstream liberals spilled litres of ink about ‘injustice’ and the need for reconciliation. but when push comes to shove, nothing is done.

    the native title act still means that the wealth of the lucky country is given to the cities.

    white australians still kill aboriginal people with impunity, and there is no justice done.

    aboriginal reserves continue to be treated like whorehouses by rural whites.

    aboriginal infrastructure is some of the first to be disestablished at budget cut time.

    rudd says sorry to the stolen generation, and that’s supposed to make all this better.

    meanwhile, the momentum of the rights movements and the reconciliation is lost as the old guard die out, and black men die at the hands of rednecks.

    “agitating and voting for change” is meaningless. how about giving a black person a job? how about telling racist coworkers to ‘STFU’?

    these are real actions that will confront you, and those around you.