Pieces of brilliant

I’ve not been blogging much of late, ‘though I have been reading, as ever. I bring you some little pieces of brilliant from other people’s blogs.

New blogger Ned Davy talks about Adult up. As you might have guessed, Ned is a personal friend of mine, as is MrsDavy, whose voice appears in this post. When I was a new mother, and a not-so-new mother, MrsDavy was my source of excellent, practical advice, delivered in pithy aphorisms, and I am sure that I will be turning to her again in the next few years, as my girls follow hers in becoming teenagers. Ned also has lovely photos of roads, and rugby grounds. And he writes fabulously.

Megan is bribing people with cupcakes. I don’t see why, given that the magical 1000 should come up any moment now, when people line up to reveal their fears.

I think TimT must be related to Danyl (in Danyl’s satirical moments, which are many and of which I give you one: Pete Hodgson to travel back in time to smear John Key as a child). TimT makes me laugh and gasp with delight with his sheer absurdity. From just the last week, I recommend Naughty after the fact, and Summary of a book, and A poem about liking things. If you have a taste for bitingly witty insightful nonsense, then I recommend TimT.

Che has been gardening, and he went to a concert party where there were many kuia and koro. The last paragraph of this post is beautiful.

Art and My Life charts what happens when an art gallery has been turned into an indoor sports centre, and in one of his Monday diamonds, Giovanni reflects on the leaving of Venice.

Stef has pie. Marshmallow pie. I want some. And Tracy gets grumpy. Tracy, I hear you.

I want to be Pavlov’s Cat when I grow up. She writes at several places, notably Still Life with Cat, and Read Write Think. She has such presence, and wisdom, and political insight, and knowledge, and such very helpful hints for the next time you are chairing a session at a Writers’ Festival, which in the usual way of good helpful hints, serve as a practical guide about how not to behave, should you be in the audience, or be an interviewee.

Because this is, after all, a feminist blog (also a cooking, gardening, parenting, singing, reading, whatever blog, but just at the moment I’m thinking feminism), I bring you three feminist posts which you may not have seen.

Through Apu’s World, I found a post on Women’s Web, a website for women in India, which shows that mummy-guilt is surely a cross-cultural universal.

Profligate Promiscuous Strumpet takes people through the basics of rape culture.

And a visual post from Feminist Philosophers: Disney and Porn.


3 responses to “Pieces of brilliant

  1. Thanks for the nice comments and links. 🙂

  2. I think Pav is who most of us want to be when we grow up!

  3. What TimT said!

    The truth is that I am a big baby and sooky la la about many things. But I really must show my sisters this post and comments. One would hope they would be impressed, but I don’t like my chances.