A brief Twitter-splat

Feeling ridiculously proud of my eldest daughter, who gave her first debating speech ever at 3rd negative, and was magnificent! [1/2] #

I coach her team, and they won! That makes it two from two, for kids who have just started debating this year. [2/2] #

Also, am I wrong to be smug that our scrubby public school has taken down two private schools so far, both of whom were very put out.[3/2] #

Our school isn’t really scubby at all – it’s excellent – but you’d think we had a peculiar smell given the looks we have gotten. [4/2] #

I can’t count. Or maybe I don’t plan very well. Whatever. [5/2] #


5 responses to “A brief Twitter-splat

  1. Your daughters have an unfair advantage – you and M 🙂

  2. We’ve been arguing ever since we met! 🙂

  3. Well done. Nothing more satisfying than taking down smug private schools in a good debate.

  4. I think is says a lot about the importance of support (and intelligence) from the parents.

  5. Are you still the under-dogs?