Educating Rosie

Head on over to Giovanni’s place, and check out his fascinating post that starts with Rosie the Riveter, and ends up with… well, that would be ruining the punchline, wouldn’t it. Just go read it.

Educating Rosie, at Bat, Bean, Beam – a weblog on memory and technology


4 responses to “Educating Rosie

  1. Let’s talk about Marynia F. Farnham, MD. Isn’t she magnificent?

  2. OMG, she was wonderful. How could she talk like that with a straight face?

  3. Plus: she did have a career, and didn’t exactly come across as very feminine. But why was she pretending to be dictating the passage of the book to a stenographer? Was it okay for the stenographer to be feminine *and* a worker because her job was clerical (therefore not leading to a career, expendable, perhaps to be abandoned post-marriage)?

  4. I kind of got the impression that the good Doctor wasn’t married