Thank you, Ele!

Ele, who writes the excellent blog Homepaddock, mentioned my blog on National Radio in New Zealand today, and said some very nice things about it. Thank you, Ele.

You can listen to the section here – Critical Mass – or you can download an MP3 and listen to it at your leisure: Critical Mass MP3. The clip is about 33 minutes long, and Ele’s section is right at the end.

If you’ve come by In a Strange Land because you heard the story on Radio New Zealand, you might also like to visit Ele’s blog, Homepaddock. She has an eclectic mix of politics (from a moderate right wing perspective), parenting, food, recipes, good places to eat, rural living, comments on current events, “Today in history” with pictures and links, a Monday quiz, and reports on how she has fared in the NZ History quiz and the Dom Post politics quiz each week, amongst other things. She puts up several posts every day, so there’s always something fresh to read there.

Update: A selection of posts from the past, that people visiting for the first time might enjoy.

Total eclipse – an account of an eclipse of the moon, seen from our Karori home

Keeping the library child free – a complaint about the fines charged by Wellington City Library

The best playground in the world – Kowhai Park, in Wanganui (as it was named then)

Review – Barbie as the Island Princess – a review of a Barbie movie

Some New Zealand election blogging:
A beginner’s guide to MMP
The NZ election – a jaundiced view
Are the Maori seats undemocratic?

Anzac Day atheist – what turned out to be a controversial post about Anzac Day

Whale for dinner – what happened when one of our younger daughters told us we shouldn’t eat whale for dinner

Food blogging:
Cooking with my grandmother: traditional Christmas cake
ANZAC biscuits

For the rest, especially if you wish to read some of my feminist writing, please, click on the links in the tag cloud in the side bar.


4 responses to “Thank you, Ele!

  1. Congrats on the shout out!

  2. We haven’t seen that Barbie movie yet, buy our 4 1/2 year old is getting every single one she can find at the library!

  3. Thank you for acknowledgement and the good reading – sometimes thought provoking, sometimes moving, sometimes entertaining, always well written.

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