Taking her place

Look at this beautiful picture of MLA Kelly Vincent, sitting in the Upper House in the South Australian parliament.

Kelly’s tribute to a friend who stood tall

I could do without the heavy handed reference to her friend who used a wheelchair in the headline – couldn’t they have referred to a friend who travelled proud, or something like that? But putting that to one side, it is a great delight to see Vincent taking her seat in the house.


3 responses to “Taking her place

  1. I hope that Kelly can start some real change and that perhaps it snowballs to other states and territories as well.

    The article started out well when it said that Kelly is a wheelchair user. Apart from that though the article is just complete fail when talking about Dr Paul Collier. “Wheelchair bound, had to abandon” it’s all about the things he couldn’t do rather than the amazing things that he actually achieved.

  2. Yeah, I noticed several bucket loads of fail too. But I wanted to celebrate the moment, and I figured we would get around to the fail in comments.

  3. Thanks for posting about this news, I’d missed it entirely. Fantastic role model.