Day 7 – Pictures for Ray, and first fruits

Ray has been having issues with tilers.

Ray, these photos are for you.

One beautifully tiled splashback, corners mitred, clever alignments completed, sealed, and ready for use tomorrow morning.

One re-tiled slate floor. Extra tiles chipped out, concrete laid underneath, tiles laid on top, all grouted. We will be able to walk on it tomorrow morning, and in two or three weeks, when the slate has dried thoroughly, we will seal it.

And the first fruits from my lovely new oven.

A batch of Anzac biscuits, made according to the recipe that is traditional in my family. I have often cooked Anzac biccies in new (to me) ovens; I know the recipe so well that I can make a reasonable assessment of the oven by the quality of the biscuits. These are just a little hard for my liking: I should have taken them out at 9 minutes. That tells me that I have gotten too used to the old temperamental gas oven. I need to turn the temperature down in this oven, and remember that electric ovens are more drying than gas ovens.

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9 responses to “Day 7 – Pictures for Ray, and first fruits

  1. Yay for new oven scrumptiousness! I test with scones 🙂

    I am frankly jealous of your tiles. My kitchen wall tiles are hideous. I try not to think about them usually, but tonight as we were sitting around the table my 13 year old said to me “Why are most of the tiles plain but some have flowers on them?” Why indeed.

  2. It looks fabulous. I’m coming over for biccies and a cup of tea, kay?

  3. Raymond A Francis

    Nice tiling and of course you can always dunk a hard biscuit
    Meanwhile I await my tiler who said he would return today…sigh

  4. Ooooh, kitchen pron…

  5. Melissa van der Linden

    We’ll expect some of said biscuits next Tuesday (if there are any left).

  6. How lovely it all is. Such a sensible use of the space. And you will get so much pleasure out of a reliable oven. I’ve been there and I think a new oven is one of the great joys of kitchen life.

  7. I think my oven is on it’s way out – the door seals are peeling off and the temp isn’t reliable. And its only 10 years old!

  8. It looks fab! I’m frankly jealous. I so want a new kitchen.