Magic phone

The AFL, who are known for their great respect for women, have decided that Brendan Fevola didn’t do anything wrong when the photo he took of his then girlfriend, Lara Bingle (she was in the shower), was somehow circulated to his mates, and ended up being published in a national magazine. It all ended up in a nasty mess, especially for Lara Bingle.

But according to the AFL, they can’t prove that Fevola did anything wrong, so they’ve cleared him.

That phone that Fevola took the photo on must be a magic phone. Somehow, photos must just make their own way off it, and he needn’t do anything at all.

Either that, or the AFL must be really, really stupid.

Oh, wait…


9 responses to “Magic phone

  1. *makes incomprehensible noises resembling Gahhh!*
    I am so glad that ball sports bore me because if I had any desire to support these idiots by watching them play, it’d be hard to reconcile that with how upset their misogyny makes me.

  2. Yeah, I was wondering if that meant that somehow it all didn’t happen.

  3. I think it’s worse than that, Mindy. I think they’re implying (as some of them have been all along) that Bingle spread the photo around herself in order to get herself some free publicity.

    But the sportsman mentality is ‘put it behind you’, as though your own grotesque behaviour were something awful that just happened to you while you were an innocent bystander.

    The bottom line in all this is that Fevola’s a good footballer (when sober) and must therefore be kept polished up so he can keep playing every week and extracting money from punters. I imagine that the minute he loses his footy mojo they’ll be very glad to let him go to hell in a small, unravelling handbasket

  4. Bingle’s major concern was she wasn’t paid for the photo.

    I am told she has happily posed naked for many photos she was paid for.

    Until all this publicity, which you have joined in, I had never heard of this publicity seeking nonentity.

  5. There’s a large difference between photos taken and circulated with consent, and photos taken and circulated without consent.

  6. Poneke, apart from the main point as made by Deborah that — like rape — it’s a question of consent, if by ‘publicity seeking nonentity’ you mean Bingle (it’s a wild guess that you don’t mean Fevola), then you must have done an awful lot of research on her very recently to be so sure that that was her ‘major concern’. How exactly do you know this? Did whatever benighted team Fevola belongs to this week put it out in their media release?

  7. No, it was Bingle’s publicist.

    I’d never heard of the awful Fevola before this either.

    I can’t believe how this was the most important news in two countries for two weeks.

    Well, actually, I can.

  8. A link might help Poneke?

    Maybe it’s the same type of phone other sports stars have used to text cheat on their partners. Some niche market for the phone companies!