Facebook event: International Round up the Women and Herd Them to the Kitchen Day

Some of the photos on this event’s wall made me ill – don’t look.

International Round up the Women and Herd Them to the Kitchen Day

If you are on Facebook, please consider reporting this event. The ‘report event’ link is in the right hand column, under the details for who is attending / not attending.


13 responses to “Facebook event: International Round up the Women and Herd Them to the Kitchen Day

  1. Given the photographs, it is pretty clearly a direct call for violence, and I have reported it as such to Facebook.

  2. I didn’t look at any photos, just some wall posts and comments. I reported it under ‘Directly targets me or a friend’. I thought there’d be more to it, that I’d get to comment on why I was reporting it as such, but oh well.

  3. Done!
    I see with their pick list they make assholish misogynist crap unreportable. So I picked Advertising/Spam. Perhaps Soymilk’s is a better choice.

  4. I reported it as “direct call for violence” as well.

  5. I did direct call for violence too

  6. All those male names spouting the same crap. What a surprise. “I’ve never seen it, so it can’t be true!” Yep, some special snowflakes there.

  7. I’ve sent an email to the news editor, letting her know that some really ugly comments are being published on that story. I’ve become Action Woman this year, because there’s no point just complaining amongst ourselves. Although complaining amongst ourselves is satisfying.

  8. Have you also seen this page? Which appears to be the administrator’s profile (I think you can report it too). http://www.facebook.com/pages/hi-im-a-girl-where-am-i-whats-this-im-scared-wheres-my-kitchen/352412305419

  9. “Hi I’m a girl I’m scared where’s my kitchen” is a bit of a laugh considering the role of “kitchen” in the usual discourse of tuffness i.e. “if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen”.
    NWN, do publish any replies you get from that editor, I’m sure they’ll be entertaining!

  10. No publishing without their permission. Had a disappointing email ‘discussion’ (word used very lightly) with a columnist who insisted that the correspondence wouldn’t appear on my blog. The columnist didn’t address any of my concerns but instead said ‘well, other people like me, so there!’

  11. Oh, I should point out that the News.com.au news editor there is a friend of mine, which is why I can just email her and say ‘oi, what’s going on?’.

  12. Hey – I am someone on Facebook trying to get something done also. My main problem with it is when people try to ask questions about the intent of the images (ie. is it a call to violence) they call you a “faggot” or an “ugly feminist.” So, even if the images are not a direct call to violence – when you question them, they instantly commit word violence on you.

    Good work reporting this event!!!! Keep it up.

    Much love-
    Dick Whyte