Bri has the 23rd Down Under Feminists Carnival up at Fat Lot of Good. She has some excellent posts on size acceptance, and a range of other feminist posts from down under bloggers. Just the thing to read as you head back to work after the long weekend, or feed the baby, or retreat indoors from the rain, or enjoy the school holidays with the children, or enjoy them without the children (that would be the teachers among us).

It’s a great carnival, Bri. Thank you.


3 responses to “Carnival!

  1. Is it possible that the link doesn’t work? It doesn’t for me anyhow.

  2. Oops! Fixed. And I am in awe of your kind way of pointing it out – very sweet of you.

    C/f say, “Hey! Jelly-for-brains! You’ve stuffed up the link.”

  3. I never underestimate my own inability to click on things on properly.

    Also: Fat Lot of Good has to be the coolest name for a blog, like, ever.