Sez it all

Description: Cartoon with words ‘Sex abuse’ in top left corner, picture of pope with widespread hands, clad in scarlet robe, wearing an episcopal mitre (bishop’s hat) which is placed firmly over his eyes. He is saying, “Where?”


I would prefer to just give a link to the cartoon, but there seems to be no way to create a permanent link to a particular cartoon on The Times Online site. That’d be Rupert for you. No idea about how to deliver eyes to advertisers on his sites.


3 responses to “Sez it all

  1. Could only be better if it actually showed him ramming the hat down over his eyes. But that could be a bit too far on the defamatory side.

  2. There was a really interesting podcast on ABC Radio National a couple of months ago about the reports into the abuse of children in religious institutions in Ireland. Without attempting to lessen the offences at all it investigated the way that priests were trained and how they lived – the loneliness, the lack of support and love in their lives. Also, the way that the population looked up to them – which I could talk about for hours – the ridiculous veneration and trust that they attracted, but the very little real affection they were offered. It didn’t blame the victims, although it did say that many adult Catholics suspended their critical faculties when it came to the clergy – which I’ve seen many times.

    I found it informative and moving You can download it at