A fascinating book

On Ptak Science Books, “Women are Human, too”: Human Resource Workbook for Females, 1943

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  1. About 30 years ago I edited a New Zealand book which dealt, among other things, with the new issue of the illegality of advertising a job as intended for one sex or the other. This had been newly prohibited in New Zealand as a direct result of feminist pressure.

    (Before that ads used to say things like “Mum! forget those dishes and enter the glamorous world of advertising. Receptionist wanted – bring your big smile…” )

    The book had no title, so I found one for it in one of the ads it cited (from a Hawkes Bay paper, as I recall). The advertiser was having a hard time getting to grips with the new law, so their ad started “Woman or person wanted”, so we called the book Woman or Person?

    Some people, it should be said, still have difficulty with the idea that women are people.