Friday Aboriginal Rights Activist – Jackie Huggins

The … notion that all women as a sex have more in common than do members of the same class is false. Upper-class women are not simply bedmates of their wealthy husbands. As a rule, they have more compelling ties that bind them together. The are economic, social, and political bedmates united in defence of private property, profiteering, militarism, racism – and the exploitation of other women. It would be quite another matter to expect any large number of wealthy women to endorse or support a revolutionary struggle which threatened their capitalist interests and privileges. Will the wives of bankers, generals, corporation lawyers, and big industrialists be firm allies of women righting for liberation than working-class men, black and white, who are fighting for theirs? The ruling powers breed and benefit from all forms of discrimination and oppression. Therefore, for a middle-class white woman to compare her environmental situation with that of a black is totally naive. While white women are fighting to get out of the kitchen, black women are fighting to get into it.

Jackie Huggins, “Black women and women’s liberation”, Hecate, 13(1), 1987


3 responses to “Friday Aboriginal Rights Activist – Jackie Huggins

  1. Thanks for posting this!

  2. similar arguments were put forward in new zealand about the “working class” consensus and maori.

    the majority has a tendency to always see itself as the axis on which the world turns.

  3. I met Jackie at a women’s studies conference in Wellington in 1993 – for the suffrage centenary – and remember what a lot of fun we had together. She is an exceptional person – and her book “Auntie Rita” about part of her family history is well worth hunting down.