Idle curiosity

GenderAnalyzer thinks that In a Strange Land is written by a woman (60% chance).

H/T: Feminist Philosophers (woman, 71%).


13 responses to “Idle curiosity

  1. Drat, I’ve got 67% male. I was hoping it would tell me I’m secretly a woman.

  2. Woman, 68%.

    When I did this a couple of years ago, it thought I was a bloke; I wonder what I’ve been doing differently?

    Unless they’ve reprogrammed the criteria, of course. If only one could reprogram the criteria in daily life.

  3. Hahahaha I’ve fooled it! It’s 69% likely that my main blog is written by a woman, but it’s 54% likely that my PhD bog is written by a man. Apparently it’s very gender neutral. ::chortle::

  4. Sorry, that sandtnews was me, M-H – it’s my work login for wordpress.

  5. Found and approved (of course!), M-H.

  6. The excellent Mr Judd is secretly a woman (52% neutral, so ‘gender neutral’ but on the female side), and so is Dr Tibby (female, 59%, so classified as ‘gender neutral’). I’m guessing that’s because they both write about food, and families, and small children, quite a bit, despite all Dr Tibby’s protestations that he would do no such thing.

    Ele at Homepaddock is definitely male (78%).

    They’re the only surprises I’ve come across so far.

  7. I think they might be using some sort of tool that learns as it goes along, so it updates its own criteria each time it gets new information (i.e. new blog and gender identity). I came out as male last time I did something like this too, ‘though it was a few years back, and I dropped a chunk of my thesis into the program rather than my blog.

  8. Apparently I’m secretly a woman, too, but only 52%… I must be getting macho in my old age, it used to be quite sure I was a woman. I wonder if the recipes confuse it.

  9. Yeah well it thought my blog was 64% likely to be written by a woman. I’d have thought it would be higher, what with all my talk about sewing and shopping. I once did a quiz in a book by Alan Pease – you know, that guy who wrote Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps – and it thought I was more male than female. But then, I was childless and less likely to sew back then…

  10. I reckon that it’s not very scientific cause I got 64% a woman like Violet… thought all the pregnancy and talk of gynaecological issues would have scored me a bit higher? I don’t know many men that talk about endometriosis…

  11. The Hand Mirror got 60% woman, I thought it would be higher to be honest (seeing as how it is written by several different women, and about feminist stuff). Maybe there was some “masculine prose” in there too πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for bringing this up Deborah.

  12. Well, mine is 81% womanly. Given that my last few posts have been about menstruation, breastfeeding, being a fat mother… I’m not surprised. Still, I wonder why on earth we ‘need’ such a thing. How odd!

  13. i got 67% woman, so more than the hand mirror! wierd…