Don’t do it!

Wellington Airport, with the connivance of the Wellington City Council, has decided that it would be a jolly good idea to deface the side of a hill with a giant sign, mimicking the famous “Hollywood” sign, reading, “Wellywood”. It’s a subtle and imaginative reference to the movie industry in Wellington i.e. Peter Jackson. Or not.

Here’s what the hill looks like now.

(Bare hill, overlooking a narrow bay, with grey choppy sea.)

For those of you who are not familiar with Wellington, the airport is off to the right, on a short, narrow strip of land between two rows of hills. Flying into Wellington can be nervewracking, as the plane jumps and lurches from side to side in the wind. Passengers often give pilots a round of applause as they land.

And here’s what it would look like.

(Caption on hill: Wellywood)

It all looks like a giant helping of this to me.

(Cultural cringe)

Many people are unimpressed, and of course, a web site has sprung up straight away, where you can generate words for the hill. The gallery has the usual dose of racism, misogyny and crudity, but there are some gems:

(Hi mum)

(Post no bills)

There are somewhat dull references to Peter Jackson and The Lord of the Rings:


(Middle Earth)

And some instructions for pilots:

(Mayday! Mayday!)

(Pull up pull up)

(Turn right)

I think the pick of the bunch is the one that combines both:

(Fly you fools)


The site doesn’t say who came up with each caption, but I do know that Dr Tiso came up with “Mayday Mayday” and “Turn right” is mine.


5 responses to “Don’t do it!

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  2. Why do people never say Hi Dad I wonder? How long before a Wellywood was defaced do you think?

  3. I grew up in a house in Overtoun Tce, Hataitai that looked straight across the bay to that bare hill. What a dumb idea! I liked Turn Right best.

  4. I’m not completely opposed to the idea (although I suspect I barely get a say). I do kind of agree with some of the ‘against’ arguments but on the other hand there’s not a lot else happening there.

  5. I think it would be a great laugh – for maybe a week. I wouldn’t want to see it there on a long-term basis.