Friday Feminist – Dale Williams

I’ve been enjoying an off-line correspondence with Dale Williams, writer, editor, and feminist foot-soldier (her words) in the days when women in New Zealand were working towards the adoption of the Working Women’s Charter. She has given me some fascinating anecdotes of those days, and told me about some of the things she did within the context of her job as an editor. For today’s Friday Feminist, I invite you to read an article Dale has written for the New Zealand Listener, about the ad agency where she worked in the 1960s: A Kiwi Peggy Olsen.

Dale sent me a copy of a photo from her days at the ad agency.

1960s party, couple dancing, baby in arms, crepe paper streamers, very pastel.

Dale Williams, “A Kiwi Peggy Olsen” in New Zealand Listener, 2010


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