A little thing

I have coveted one of these ever since I realised that such things existed.

Description: Purple Penguin Books coffee mug. The “book” on the mug is A Room of One’s Own, by Virginia Woolf.


7 responses to “A little thing

  1. Okay, so now I’m coveting too!

  2. The room or the mug? I have one, but not the other, ‘though I am in the process of creating a space for myself in our house.

  3. I bought the tea towel. It came in a cardboard cylinder which I put next to the computer in the loungeroom. I’ve spent most of today begging grumpy children to be at least a teensy bit quiet. To no avail.

  4. This teatowel? I may need one of them. To dry my mug, of course.

  5. An Adjunct’s Office of One’s Own?

  6. indeedly doodely, that teatowel