Daily Archives: Wednesday 24 February 2010

This I can do without

It’s election season in South Australia, and the stobie poles are adorned with candidates’ advertising paraphernalia. Fine, whatever, that’s how elections go. But there’s one set of advertising that I’m finding hard to stomach.

Trevor Grace (how’s that for a misnomer?) is standing for the upper house. He has no real platform, no plan for state, no ideas about how he could use his vote to influence say, water policy, or transport, or health, or education. All he wants to do is to stop abortion. He has used the impending election as an excuse to slather his advertising all over the arterial traffic routes in Adelaide. Some of the advertising isn’t too bad; it merely shows a newborn baby (because Trevor thinks a group of cells is exactly like a newborn baby). But another of his placards is very difficult to look at. And I say this as a woman who has had neither an abortion or a miscarriage, nor lost a child. It shows the face of a fetus, with four cracks running through it (photo of it available here).

I find it distressing. I imagine that it could cause huge distress to a woman or a man who has taken the decision to terminate a pregnancy, or who has had a miscarriage, or who has lost a child.

I value the freedom of speech in Australia. I like living in a country where people are free to voice their opinions, free to try out their ideas in public. So in that spirit, I want to exercise my freedom of speech, and say that I find Trevor Grace’s advertising loathsome, and detestable, and entirely lacking in love. He has taken no care for people who have been caught up in the storm of a pregnancy ending. I can not imagine ever voting for someone who has so little compassion and care for others.

As far as I can tell from his website, which I am not linking to, Grace claims to be a Christian. Enough said, really.