Women aren’t “us”

Graeme Blundell has a good review of the third series of Underbelly in The Weekend Australian magazine. Good, because he uses the terms “us” and “our” and “you”; he makes the reader (that would be me) feel as if I am part of the experience, that I have seen some of this series too. It makes me want to watch the series.

In the second part of his review column, he switches genre almost as far has he can, moving from the sheer nastiness of corruption in the New South Wales police in the 1980s and 1990s, to the joy of Sesame Street, with its unfailing commitment to good television for pre-school children. Again, he uses the words “us” and “we” – a mode that includes his readers in the experience. He is enthusiastic about Sesame Street, and he kindled the same enthusiasm in me, making me remember that from its beginning, Sesame Street was revolutionary.

It was a revelation and showed us that children are sophisticated viewers: they have a shrewd sense of fact and fantasy and are active interpreters of plot.

I felt as though I had been drawn into the group of people that admired and ‘enjoyed’ Underbelly, and rejoiced in Sesame Street.

Until the last sentence.

And the TV sets came out of the cupboards where our feminist wives had hidden them.

That “us” and “our” and “we”? He was only speaking to people who have wives.* Not to me at all. And somehow, I don’t think he had lesbian women with wives in mind at all, when he was prattling on with his inclusive pronouns.

When do you think that he will realise that women are people too?


9 responses to “Women aren’t “us”

  1. Oops. I’m surprised that one made it through the subs!

    As a feature writer, I use inclusive pronouns in my writing all the time. Your post has now got me wondering if I’ve ever unintentionally excluded men (or, you know, anyone who doesn’t share my demographic data) in my use of it. Something to watch for, definitely.

  2. I do despair sometimes. ::sigh:: This is why feminism still matters, but I’m so tired of it.

  3. What you mean as a big bad feminist mother I’m supposed to take away the TV too? Must have missed that memo. And what M-H said.

  4. This shit gets so old, doesn’t it? Yet they never even seem to notice.

  5. Get fucked, Graeme Blundell, you mediocre one-hit actor in second-rate Benny Hill knock-offs.

    That is all.

  6. And the TV sets came out of the cupboards where our feminist wives had hidden them.

    Damn you to hell, humourless kill-joy feminists! Actually, most of the fan-girls I know would get very uppity indeed if you touched the TV during Battlestar Galactica or a Buffy marathon.

  7. Oh, Mindy, you don’t let your children watch those bad, patriarchal, anti-woman TV shows do you? I’m coming right over there to take your feminist badge away from you.

    Heh heh.

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  9. How bloody depressing.