In honour of International Megan Day

February 6 has been designated International Megan Day, in honour of Megan and Megan, who share a name and a birthday, both of whom I admire, for their way with words and with craft and with life and what it throws at them, and for their general awesomeness.

Here’s my contribution to the celebrations in honour of these two fabulous women.

Cupcakes, of course.

And spelling that out in lines:

(Description: plate and display of mini-cupcakes, variously iced with blue, purple, green and yellow icing, with pink piped letters, spelling out Happy International Megan Day.)

Happy birthday, Megan. And happy birthday, Megan. May you both have a blessed year. And here’s to the blogging sorority and cohorts in New Zealand!

Why, yes! The cupcakes were delicious. Alas, Customs gets a little tetchy about foodstuffs crossing the border into New Zealand, which meant that I couldn’t actually send them to Megan and Megan, so the strangelings and Mr Strange Land and I dutifully ate them. Some strangelings nibbled the letter off, then licked the icing off, and then ate the cake, and others just popped the whole thing into their mouths. I preferred the three bite approach (two for Mr Strange Land). Whatever way, they were very nice indeed.


2 responses to “In honour of International Megan Day

  1. I am whelmed at your generosity and icing skills! I am very pleased to hear the cupcakes were delicious.

  2. Those are such gorgeous cupcakes.

    The Megans are indeed awesome, and so are you. 🙂