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Friday Feminist – Nancy Mairs (2)

Meanwhile, I had to adjust to the most outward and visible sign of all, a three-wheeled electric scooter called an Amigo. This lessens my fatigue and increases my range terrifically, but it also shouts out to the world, “Here is a woman who can’t stand on her own two feet.” At the same time, paradoxically, it renders me invisible, reducing me to the height of a seven-year-old, with a child’s attendant low status. “Would she like smoking or nonsmoking?” the gate agent assigning me a seat asks the friend traveling with me. In crowds I see nothing but buttocks. I can tell you the name of every type of designer jeans ever sold. The wearers, eyes front, trip over me and fall across my handlebars into my lap. “Hey!” I want to shout to the lofty world. “Down here! There’s a person down here!” But I’m not, by their standards, quite a person anymore.

Nancy Mairs, Carnal Acts, Beacon Press, 1990