You may recall that I was in a car crash late last year, and eventually, my little car was written off by the insurance company. Thankfully, neither I nor the other driver were hurt, and we were both fully insured, and because the other driver admitted liability (it’s a bit hard not to when you go through a red light), we got a full payout on my car.

But I was rather sad about it. I liked my car. It was a bronze coloured Susuki Swift – very much like this one – and it was a perfect round town shopping trolley and kid taxi. It served my purposes very well, it was inexpensive to run, and it gave me a real sense of freedom. We’ve had two cars for quite a few years now, but this was the first time that we have had designated cars – the Swift was mine. All mine.

We put off replacing it until we got back from our jaunting around New Zealand and Kangaroo Island – there was no point in buying a new car only to have it sitting in the garage for a month or so. But that meant that we spent another month or so juggling and organising and negotiating who was going to be needing to use Mr Strange Land’s car that day. Usually I got to use it, because I usually have more running around to do, but it was a jolly nuisance for both of us. Also, Mr Strange Land has Chicago electric blues music in his car, which is fine, but not really my thing.

Then yesterday, my new car finally arrived.

Shiny blue Suzuki Swift

Shiny blue Suzuki Swift


I’ve put all my music in it (opera and choral), and I’ve taken it shopping and kid taxi-ing. It’s lovely.

There’s just one problem. When I got my first bronze coloured Suzuki Swift, I took it round to my hairdresser’s, and said, “Can you dye my hair that colour?” He laughed, and promptly did it, and my hair has matched my car, more-or-less, ever since. But what to do, now that I have a blue car?

Click through to see my solution.

Fabulous blue tinsel wig . Sitting in my shiny blue car, wearing a fabulous blue tinsel wig

(Description: A fabulous blue shiny tinsel wig, and me sitting in my shiny blue car, wearing the blue tinsel wig.)


11 responses to “Shiny!

  1. Fab car, great colour but the wig is a sell-out. If your current hairdresser can’t or won’t do a blue rinse…

  2. I believe it’s called a ‘blue rinse’ Although you’re probably a bit young for it (there was that lady on coronation street that used to have it). Love the car – v. cute! Ray and I have a rule in the car that whoever is driving gets to choose the music, except that most of the time when Ray is driving he chooses the music, and when I am driving Ray chooses the music…. he also likes to listen to the cricket and political commentary (and those radio documentary things) – not exactly things to sing along to 😦

  3. Oh my dear girl, that is FABULOUS!

  4. Lovely. Congratulations. Vroom vroom!

  5. Hey Deborah. Love your blog. I notice you are into opera and choral music. Are you singing the Mahler in March?

  6. No such luck! No, I don’t sing in a choir yet. At this stage, I would need to pay for a babysitter. In a few years, the strangelings will be old enough to be left at home by themselves, but in the meantime, I just can’t manage the rehearsals. Mr Strange Land, alas, works one of those crazy jobs, which has its plusses and minuses, and one of the minuses is that I can’t rely on him to be home.

    2013, I reckon.

  7. Hah! I love it πŸ™‚

  8. Oh, Deborah, you are adorable.

  9. Funny ’bout that matching hair thing. Only just this morning I was reading the Sunday Star Times and saw a big car advert in which the boyfriend of the driver says something about the car matching her dress.
    Beware of those tinsel wigs, eh? The last one I wore left big pink marks all over my forehead and made me look like I have a strange rash.

  10. Awesome! πŸ™‚ You’re cute.