Sometimes, political protest works!

Further to my post yesterday about South Australia’s electoral laws:

The Attorney-General has backed down, after being rather silly.

Attorney-General Michael Atkinson vows to repeal election internet censorship law amid reader furore


But the fascinating bit is his enormous faux-pas over a blogger who he alleged was a Liberal Party plant.

“I’ll give you an example; repeatedly in the AdelaideNow website one will see commentary from Aaron Fornarino of West Croydon. That person doesn’t exist,” he said.

But, Michael Atkinson, meet Aaron Fornarino. He lives near your office and yes, he does exist. In fact, he lives just 500m from Atkinson’s electorate office.

It all reveals an amazing degree of self-absorbtion on Michael Atkinson’s part. I must try to get around to writing about him in the lead-up to the election.


6 responses to “Sometimes, political protest works!

  1. Do please write about him, Deborah. Being a gamer, I’m no stranger to extreme contempt for Michael Atkison. But then, I can’t be trusted, according to him, “I’m a criminal and a trickster.

  2. *n, and I also had a stray quotation mark. Teach me to type with one hand.

  3. It all reveals an amazing degree of self-absorbtion on Michael Atkinson’s part.

    Would I be too cynical in saying that it also seems to reveal a unbecoming degree of nerves that, based on recent polling, the election willbe a lot closer than any pundit thought. Looks like “Mrs” Isobel Redmond isn’t such an easy push over after all?

  4. Yes, I’m beginning to think that too. I wrote about the reaction to “Mrs” Redmond a month or so back, as you probably saw.

    I guess we will see some polling coming out sooner or later, which will be very interesting, ‘though I will have to get my head around the preferences and how that affects the outcome.

  5. Oops! Just read your comment on the other thread. Sorry for kindly pointing you to something you had already mentioned.

  6. Deborah; when you’re getting your head around the preferences and how they affect the outcome, I would be in your debt (as a first time voter!) if you would post your thought processes!