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The Australian Women’s Weekly is not my usual magazine purchase. In fact, I don’t normally buy it at all, but in a spirit of self-sacrifice, I have paid my $6.80 (inc GST), so that I can read more of what Father Abbott said, following on from his revelations about virginity as a gift (given by a woman to a man, of course, not the other way around), and pre-marital sex and so on, discussed at length on Larvatus Prodeo, and here on In a Strange Land, and at SkepticLawyer, and at An Onymous Lefty, and no doubt elsewhere in the blogosphere too (feel free to add links to other pieces in comments).

Part of the article is on-line, but there’s more in the print edition, including that budgiesmugglers shot, which I could have done without at morning tea time. There are some interesting tidbits there, including this one:

On the problem of businesses paying women on average 16 per cent less than they pay men in the same jobs, Tony is unaware there is still a problem.

Well, that’s good, isn’t it. A man who wants to be prime minister is simply unaware of one of the major obstacles that women face.

And then there’s this, which is not in the on-line edition:

The issue is not whether some women don’t like him because every politician has a core group of people who hate them. The real question is how many women don’t like him. “I suspect that it is probably more than 10 per cent, but less than 70%,” says Tony.

“Look, we are all just guesstimating here because we don’t have this kind of sophisticated polling, but I suspect that [what] we are talking about here is a woman of a certain age, in a certain line of work.

“I think we are talking about younger professional women, essentially, who, for perfectly good reasons, don’t want to be told by anyone else how they should live their lives.”

Nice work on the apostrophising there, Tony. “Women of a certain age” and “in a certain line of work.” Do you get the feeling that he might just be a little scared of some women?

Another little beauty, this time with respect to morals:

Yet before he tackles the big issues… he stops the flow of questions. “Let’s start, if we may, [on] the traditional moral teaching in this area, which until a generation ago, was not regarded as the Catholic Church’s teaching. It was regarded as the accepted wisdom of Western civilisation. It was based on the understanding that, if families were a good thing, intact families were a good thing, happy marriages were a good thing.”

So you see, it’s not that the Catholic church is out of touch with modern society. It’s that modern society is out of touch with the Catholic church. And let’s get those “women of a certain age, in a certain line of work” all married off, and straight back into the family home. Then they won’t be nearly so much trouble.

Tony Abbott, working on restoring the patriarchy, as quick as he can.

As for the Australian Women’s Weekly, February 2010 edition: there’s some excellent recipes in it. I especially like the section on what to put in school lunch boxes.

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9 responses to “Other things Tony said

  1. ARgh that sort of stuff gives me the weebie jeebies. But the AWW does have fab recipes.

  2. Do they really not have “this kind of sophisticated polling”? This doesn’t sound right. Does he want us to think that everything about his party dates back a couple of decades?

  3. It’s depressing that a magazine that’s ostensibly “for” women describes maternity leave as “radical”.

  4. Thanks for making the effort to read WW for us all. I suspect the “certain line of work” is any woman earning more than the average wage (unless she is a nurse, or maybe a teacher, of course).

  5. “I think we are talking about younger professional women, essentially, stroppy little strumpets who have too much education and are taking men’s jobs, when they should be at home raising children.”

  6. I must say, this is all very depressing news. It’s very disappointing indeed that such a regressively minded person can end up as a candidate for the leader of a national government.

    What can one do, Deborah?

  7. “We don’t have this kind of sophisticated polling”

    a) Are you a woman?

    If yes:

    b) Do you like Tony Abbot?

    It astounds me this man has lasted as long as he has already. Because we “younger professional women” might not want to “be told by anyone else how [we] should live [our] lives”, but we are fecking stroppy, and quite vocal.

  8. Meganwegan, it’s just because young women are you know, angsty and want to rebel against their parents, but they grow out of it in time for their husbands to tell them what to do. Abbott knew exactly what he was doing talking about virginity with that journalist. He’s a politician, he knew exactly how it would be reported. He probably even knew that Julia Gillard would respond, and that Brandis would remind everyone of the “deliberately barren” crap.